At Woodlands Federation, we believe that RSHE is a valuable tool which will enhance the children’s education by giving them the knowledge, understanding, skills and strategies to become confident, considerate and respectful members of the school and wider community. We offer a high quality, informative and engaging RSHE, which is taught in a respectful, factual and age appropriate manner. The curriculum has been mapped out to ensure progression of the areas of learning across year groups and key stages.  Where cross curricular links can be made these are exploited to ensure a further, in depth understanding of the RSHE curriculum and it further embeds the learning that has taken place.

With an emphasis on emotional literacy, communication skills and resilience, we can nurture mental and physical health and well-being through a shared and cohesive whole school approach.  Through the invaluable RSHE education that the pupils receive, children will learn to become well rounded citizens with a good level of understanding of how to support their physical and mental health now and in the future.


We aim to prepare the children for the future, helping them know and value who they are and understand how they relate to other people in an every-changing world.  We implement our RSHE learning by using the RSE Solutions scheme of work, taught consistently throughout all year groups.  The sessions are sequenced so new knowledge and skills build on previous learning.  Lessons can be adapted to meet the needs of the children within each class to ensure relevance and the biggest impact.  National Health data for the local area will be used to influence planning to help prepare children for later life.

Teaching strategies are varied and can be differentiated to suit the needs of the children in the class. RSE Solutions is designed as a whole school approach, with all year groups working on the same theme at the same time. This enables each modue to start with an introductory assembly, generating a whole school focus for adults and children alike.

The skills, themes and values are embedded throughout the school by all members of staff and woven into our behaviour policy to support and encourage the children to interact positively and respectfully with each other, therefore linking the areas of learning.


Monitoring and assessment is an on-going process for RSHE; teacher’s use their AfL (assessment for learning) as necessary. Learning is recorded in RSHE books with pupil voice. Staff voice and parental/carer voice all form part of our ongoing assessments to measure the impact of the subject.

As a result of the broad, inspiring and relevant RSHE curriculum, children in the Woodlands Federation develop a positive mind-set, self-confidence and an increased understanding of the impact that individuals’ actions can have on their own and others’ lives. Children demonstrate a progression of knowledge and skills throughout their school life which they continuously build on and embed. They are given every opportunity to do their very best and develop fundamental life-skills necessary in order to become well-rounded people in the wider-world.