Friends of Punnetts Town Community Primary School

Friends are similar to a PTA (Parent Teacher Association), but we are not restricted to Parents and Teachers – anyone who has an interest in the school can be a member of Friends. Every parent is automatically welcomed to Friends.

Our Goal: To support the school outside the normal curriculum. All fundraising efforts are for the benefit of the children.

Regular Fundraising Activities: Every year we hold an event at Easter, Summer and Christmas. These are always successful and the children, siblings, and extended families that attend all enjoy them very much. Everyone is welcome to our events.

Maypole Dancing is an annual tradition at our school. Friends support this by providing refreshments, and raise additional funds through a raffle.

Recent Ad–Hoc Activities: We have held a successful Christmas Shopping Evening and a Quiz Night – both well attended by parents and extended families, as well as other local people. We have attended 2 community events recently, to raise awareness of our great school, and sold 2nd hand books. This year we have started to hold Film Nights for the children, during which they have their tea at school as well.

Regular Expenditures: We purchase at least £100 of library books every year to ensure that the library stays well stocked and up to date.

On the annual Theatre or Pantomime trip, Friends provide the pupils with a bottle of water and a small pack of biscuits for snack. At Sports Day, the children all get to enjoy a lolly, purchased by Friends. They also enjoy having Crackers to pull at their Christmas Lunch, and Friends purchase a Christmas present for every pupil in the school. At the end of their time at PTCPS, all Year 6 leavers are presented with a gift, purchased by Friends.